Cee Josephs: A Spiritual Sunburst Salad
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Cee Josephs: CPhotos

for press

Cee Josephs, Bubbling Over/Alive
Cee Josephs, singer, songwriter
Cee Josephs, singer/songwriter

MMNY 2010 Presents Cee Josephs

While we wait...MMNY presents Cee Josephs 2 Rufus King Park
Emcee & Singer Dawn 'Lady D' Samauels @ MMNY presents Cee Josephs, Rufus King Park
Atendees loving it and joining in the praise @ MMNY presents Cee Josephs @ Rufus King Park
Amos speaking the rap spoken word of counsel 2 MMNY Presents cee Josephs
Cee Josephs getting the praise on @ MMNY Presents Cee Josephs
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