Cee Josephs: A Spiritual Sunburst Salad
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Cee Josephs: CMusic/video

Any Room

(Cee Josephs)
June 3, 2010
Cee Josephs

Matt. 22:37 (King James)
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God....
Thou shalt love thy neigbour as thyself

Any Room

Room for pleasure wide as the ocean
Searching, searching every day
Room for working high as the heaven
Busy, busy loading care
Have you any room
Have you any room
Ahave you any  room for the crucified One
Have you any room (repeat)
Have you any room for love
2. Room for laughter, crying, sing
In the name of living so you should
Filling up the room given through His grace
Price to pay, it's all good, but
Stop in our tracks. Take a look back
See Him on the cross, help the cause
Time waits for no man
Chorus (repeatx2)