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Cee Josephs
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As long as I can remember, we, my siblings and I, were often told of the coming of Jesus. As a child it was very vivid in my mind, and I would dream of His coming, but woke up before I knew whether or not I made it to heaven. Click to buy album

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In the field behind the house/I looked up, heard the shout/Saw a small cloud in the sky/getting larger, larger, oh my/He is coming/I had studied/Remained with the rest/ Would I stand the test/For my transformation/Not at all sure/But by then, by then I was not asleep anymore Chorus. I want to be ready(3) to walk in Jerusalem beside my Lord. Vs 2 From my youth I heard about how the Lord is waiting but soon will com/Scenes so vivid I often dreamed/As I watched Him descend ooh, ooh ooh, I was content/Was not running to the rock crying/but shouting 'lo this is our God/We have waited, waited/Now He'll save us/Halleluia King of kings, and Lord of lords. Chorus, repeat