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Cee Josephs

Time Out

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At first, it would seem that Cee Josephs is aiming for the sultry soulfulness of Anita Baker. On the first track, "What Am I Living For," Josephs conveys a similarly bluesy ache in her vocal delivery, recalling Baker's mid-'80s breakthrough. But Josephs' concerns are not matters of the heart, at least in terms of romantic relationships. Her vehicle is Gospel, and her songs belong to a higher power. Nevertheless, most of Josephs' tunes have crossover appeal, possessing an ability to reel in secular audiences with the heartfelt emotions expressed in her singing and the mainstream R&B pulse of her arrangements. Josephs' unyielding devotion to her Christian faith inspires her voice to soar to transcendent heights on "What Am I Living For," but that isn't even the highlight. On "Break Me to Use Me," Josephs' vocals reach an operatic level, rocketing to high notes. That's not something one would expect from a Gospel record, and it's that freshness and unpredictability that distinguishes Josephs from her peers.

"Faith Hope Charity" veers completely away from traditional Gospel music with its tropical beat, equally fueled by reggae, world, and funk. Of all of Josephs' songs, "Faith Hope Charity" has the most playful tone; celebratory and highly energetic, it is dance music for the church. "Behind the Door" and "Any Room," on the other hand, are moving slow jams that focus on the rich beauty of Josephs' voice. Jazzy horns bring color to "Time Out." Probably the best cut on the CD is "I Do," a stunningly pretty proclamation of religious devotion that balances hook-laden melodies with the depths of Josephs' singing. Gospel has unfortunately gotten the "old people's music" tag among much of the young, even with kids who purchase Christian albums by the truckload. Josephs, though, remains relevant and contemporary with her stylistic choices while being timeless with her message.

Cee Josephs:

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May 2, 2008 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BROOKLYN-BORN FILMMAKER CARLTON SPRINGER TO RELEASE MUSIC DOCUMENTARY on May 24, 2008 Queens, NY, USA On May 24,, 2008 at 7:30 PM, at the Linden Seventh Day Adventist Church, 228-20 137th Avenue, Queens, NY 11413, cJg Production Ministry will present a one- night-only advanced screening of ‘Rocking Jerusalem’ a film of the musical journey of Linden Adventist Church. The film features various genre of music of several age specific choirs, soloists, and dancers of the church, as well as interviews that chronicle its music ministry. A free will offering will be accepted. What began as a give-back charity event to raise funds for the Church, became a full documentary of the phenomenal music ministry of the Linden SDA Church., “I find it to be extraordinary that so much talent is found in one church” Says writer and producer, and CEO of cJg Production Ministry, Cee Josephs, a member of this 1,000 member, largely Caribbean church and its music ministry for over thirty years. A singer/songwriter, she has produced four gospel albums on her label cJg Productions, traveled regionally, nationally, and worldwide, to share her ministry. She recently showcased at the GMA Music Week in Nashville, Tenn. The director of this film is philanthropist Carlton Springer, director of the award-winning film “With GOD all things are possible”. This Brooklyn-born Emmy and Tony nominated actor, playwright, cartoonist, producer and director is the CEO and one of the founders of Carlton Springer Enterprises and KeCarl Filmworks, an independent film company. As a young cartoonist, his works were published in several newspapers. As an actor he appeared in “Cotton Club”, “Fame”, “Dog Day Afternoon” and “Fort Apache the Bronx”, among other films. The AUDELCO award winner for best director has produced HBO specials, PBS documentaries, Sesame Street and news segments. “It was a challenge and yet a joy to do something that I, and my peers find to be very interesting, intriguing and unique” says the passionate and energetic Mr. Springer, whose mission is to help church organizations realize their potential in maintaining their viability. To learn more and for further information on the screening of ‘Rocking Jerusalem’ you may visit For directions to the event, please visit the church’s web site Press Contact: Claudette Josephs (718) 896-0465,

Profile Nutritionist Always Inspired To Sing “Peace Within Me” was her first album. BY KARLENE HAMILTON Claudette Josephs is a nutritionist and gospel singer who moved to Queens from the island of Jamaica more than 30 years ago. She performs under the name Cee Josephs and has four albums to her credit. When Josephs moved to Queens, she started going to the church that her sisters, who were living here before she moved, were attending. “My sisters were living in St. Albans at the time and they attended Linden Church, which was located on Linden Boulevard then, and that’s how I found out about that church, and I’ve been worshipping with them ever since,” Josephs said. Josephs comes from a close knit Christian, musical family of 14 including her parents. “I’ve been singing since I was a child – I would say in my mother’s womb. I just came out singing,” she said. “My mother was a singer, a soprano in the church choir, she was the soloist. My sisters are all singers, though not on a professional level. My entire family was in the choir at one time or another and my father was a guitar player and a singer.” Claudette “Cee” Josephs decided to take her singing on a professional level in 1996 when she released her first album “Peace Within Me.” Subsequent albums include “Three Way Calling” (2000), “Ready to Walk” (2005) and “Loves” (2007). Josephs does all the writing on her albums with the exception of “Loves,” which is a compilation of her favorite songs. “Before I started writing these are the songs I sang,” she said of the album that includes songs such as Babbie Mason’s “Holy is the Lamb,” and “Each One Reach One,” Sandi Patty’s “We Shall Behold Him,” and “Friend of A Wounded Heart” by Helen Baylor. Josephs worked as a Community Nutritionist at the St. Mary’s Hospital for Children Home Care Division and currently works as Head of Clinical Nutrition Services for AIDS and Substance Abuse patients. “I don’t regret going into nutrition instead of music on a full time basis, only to the point that I would be an accomplished musician in terms of playing an instrument but one of these days I’m going back to the piano,” she said. “Music is my life. Music has always been a part of me and I believe it’s a great gift of God to elevate and uplift people and to point them to God and I believe that is my calling. I just want people to know about him.” The singing nutritionist said her inspiration comes from just about anything and everything. “I would be coming home on the subway and something pops into my head or I’ll be driving and just sing the tune in my phone so by the time I get home I can record it and a song is born that way,” Josephs said. “Or I may be going to sleep and something pops up in my head and I would jump up and write it down.” Josephs has also traveled to Botswana and South Africa in 2003 as part of a missionary team where she taught nutrition, how to cook vegetarian, prayed with the people there and prepared the women to become prayer warriors and also prepared them for “a large crusade that was held in Botswana.” Josephs’ albums are available at and her music is available for downloading at most music download sites including iTunes, eMusic and iSound. She may be contacted at

 All Together Now: 'Hallelujah! Hallelujah!' Dec 23 FLATBUSH-TOMPKINS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, 424 East 19th Street, Flatbush, Brooklyn. Excerpts from Handel's ''Messiah'' and works by Darke, Holst and Willcocks; Victoria Sokoloff, soprano; Claudette Josephs, mezzo-soprano; David Thomas, tenor; Harry Thompson, baritone; Eric Birk, organist and music director. 4 p.m. Information: (718) 282-5353.

Have Mercy, and Trust in God are prime cuts. I Give My Heart pulls on the heartsrings. This CD definitely reflects her passion for Jesus Christ.
5th Hopeton Lewis Caribbean Gospel Music Awards ... A Blast For NYC Gospel Music Fans By Stan Evan Smith NEW YORK, NY -- Six nights, three boroughs, all praise and worship, best describes the gala event staged by gospel great andJamaican music producer Hopeton Lewis. New York's Caribbean community have never experience a gospel fest as this. The six- day headlined by former R&B great, now Minister, Candi Staton, Hopeton Lewis, Wendy Mitchell, Haitian songbird Felina Backer and Evangelist Junior Tucker. From Brooklyn, to Queens to the Bronx, Christians and lovers of gospel music were treated to several evenings of spirit- filled great gospel music, honoring Caribbean singers and players of instru- ments and the grand finale at the Ramada Hotel at JFK featuring the Divas of Caribbean gospel music. The 2005 CGMA spanned the three boroughs because, as founder/Executive Producer of the CGMA noted, "Since we started in 2001, the complaint has always been that everything is in Queens. This year, to celebrate the fifth anniversary, we are branching out," "From Old School Gospel to Hip Hop and R&B and Reggae, there will be enough hand clapping and foot-stomping to electrify the hall," noted Janet Henry, Vice President of Songs 4 Life Ministry and Producerof the show package. Unlike the four previous years when the awards were staged on one night, 2005's inaugural six night event was a resounding success. With all the glitz and elegance as the Grammy, 2005 saluted excellence in Caribbean Gospel music. The star -studded event featured who is who of Caribbean Gospel, as well as the rising stars like 11 year old sensation Travis Findley. The musical repertoire was diverse and rich, with traditional Gospelites like Otis Wright, Claudelle Clarke, Eleanor Riley and Nora Dean to Hip Hopper Neecie D, to classical singer like Cee Josephs, to Soca queen Wendy Mitchell and reggae Rocker Junior Tucker great music was always on display. For six nights the spiritual energy , moral force and Christian fellowship infected and uplifted believers and non believers alike.Kicking off the festivities in the Bronx, May 31, the prayer service at the First Presbyterian Church featured past award winners Miriam Drakes, of St Lucia along with Jaydene Williams joined Hopeton Lewis as they celebrated in prayer and song…………. Saturday was the main award event. There were performances by Evangelist Eleanor Riley, Judah Praise Quartet, Otis Wright, Janet Lewis, Bridget Blucher, Cee Josephs, Carlington Roberts, Travis Findlay, Al Clarke, His Voice, Janice Charles, and Patricia Innis…………….. NEW YORK LIBERTY STAR FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2005
The Artist od The Month is Cee Josephs. Her CD entitled "3 Way Calling, you.God.Me is a soul stirring blend of Caribbean flavors. Her musical expressions are sincere and her praise is pure. Cee Josephs, catch THE RISING STAR.
Cee Catches notes from family life and church pg C5 ..........Cee's influences and love for singing would not be found solely in her religious roots, as while growing up she was exposed to a lot of R&B music...." I remember at the age of 5, being on stage at a church at a church concert, reciting poetry, I couldn't remember the lines st I started singing instead," Cee Josephs said. That would only be the beginning as Cee's father, who was an elder at the North Street SDA Church, went to the August Town Chapter as a Lay Preacher, where he was instrumental in buiding up the church. Eventually the entire family would move there and they all became actively involved in the church, forming a significant part of the choir and membership.........Now Cee has released her second gospel album, entitled 3 way Calling, which was recorded at HappyNest Studio in Brooklyn, NY, and by Junior Gentles at Jam York Studios in Queens, NY.......

FLATBUSH-TOMPKINS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, 424 East 19th Street, Flatbush, Brooklyn. ''Why the Chimes Rang,'' a musical about Christmas by Julia R. Newfeld and Margaret R. Tucker, based on a story by Raymond MacDonald Alden; Jo Morris, soprano; Kathleen Payne, mezzo-soprano; Claudette Josephs, alto; Daryl Davis, bass; Erick Birk, organist and choir director. 4 p.m. Donation, $10; $7 for 65+; $5 for children. Information: (718) 282-5353.