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Thought for the day

SERVICE – For Health God has great answers to human needs, which are in contradistinction to the traps of Satan. Satan will lead men and women into self-indulgent practices through their futile hope that somehow these practices will bring happiness and contentment to their lives. Though at times self-indulgence may appear to alleviate the stress and discomfiture that an individual experiences, always the effect is transitory and there is no lasting solution. The only solution to misery and pain is to be found in reaching out to others. While a depressed and despondent individual hardly feels a desire to be a help and a blessing to someone else, nevertheless, this is the only true solution to his dilemma. We can assure any despondent individual that if he exercises the true decision powers of the mind, he will experience rapid alleviation when he is a blessing to a fellow human being. There is always someone who has a need, and wherever possible we should reach out to such individuals. Not only is ministry to others a part of true Christian service, but it is designed by God for our emotional and spiritual health It is a wonderful cure for, and a preventative measure against the development of, emotional stress. Colin D., and Russell R. Standish