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Joy & Pain

In the midst of the holidays' celebrations, my nephew, Akil, son of my late sister, Tansie was taken from us. Three losses in 3-4 years. My mother died last year. You know, I wondered for a long time, why it was that I am not making music at the rate I usually do. Why I would come home, and although I tell myself I need to start writing or recording, I end up watching TV and eating. It just occurred to me that I was profoundly affected by these losses. I was proud of the fact that I am strong, and know when to move on.  The fact is, I was moving on, but at a snail's pace.

I am confident that God will see us through, and I crave your prayers and support in this time of bereavement. He leaves behing  a sister and a brother, and I am very concerned about them.