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I Need You!

Hello friends! I am going to attempt to bare my soul to you. You see, I tend to be very private, hate to talk about myself. But I realize that if we are to have a great relationship, then I need to let you in (of course you will do the same!). I have been evaluating my life, the direction that my music needs to take. Before now I was trying different things, but I am not sure of what direction to take. You see I am ecletic in my taste of music. I think I'm good at singing a certain stlye, would say "that's what I should do". But then I would listen to some new music from my favorite artists, and I would love it so much, I play it over and over again..singing along... and yes! "This is the music genre I would do best in" By now I can hear you saying, "She is indeed confused". So I attended the Gospel Music Week in Nashville a few weeks ago.I tried to focus on what I needed - what I went for, direction. But you know what? I left there still confused. Why? Not because I did not get great advice in some areas. But not enough to give me a clear-cut path. My vocal tenchiques have improved, and I am anxious to do some new music. But I don't want to do that until I am sure of where I should go. Here is where you come in. I need you. Yes, I am finally turning to the ones who can give me an honest opinion of my music. Which style do you believe I do best? Say anything! You may make me cry a little, but I know it is for the best. Please listen to the music and hit me on my guestbook. I have re-opened it for this reason. Thanks a million! May God bless you as you bless me.