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Here's what's happening

I'm excitedly in the production stage of my upcoming album. The creative part was very intense, as I am determined that this album will be 1) God-endorsed, 2) well done, and 3) worthy of your creative, intelligent, and highly spiritual self.

I am in the planning stage of the Make Music New York project @ Rufus King Park. There will be a line-up of great artistes, instrumentalists, choirs and soloists, doing Reggae/Caribbean, Traditional and Contemporary - as well as a word about HIV and Substance Abuse services being offered in the community.

We just did a nice thing for our clients here @ PSI.  We honored their commitment to regular attendance with a special VIP luncheon, where we were the maitre-d, waiters and servers. They were very appreciative, as it is not often that these 'patrons' get to enjoy a sitdown  meal affair.

Oh, and the Hungtington's Disease Dinner and Concert was truly uplifting and emotional, and I got to meet some wonderful people.

Well, for thos in town on June 21st, see you in the park!