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April Showers - for Sure..!

But May Flowers are already here! Thought I would write to you before the month ends. I have been feeling a little blue because the weather was not in my favor for a long while. I spent most of last weekend gardening. Ah! it felt so good. It was glorious weather, and I could not stop. Lots of daffodils, shining like yellow lighted bulbs, swung gently in the soft wind. As I raked the grass and killed the weeds, I saw dozens more, of daffodils grinning back at me, thanking me for releasing them to the sun and rain. It made me contemplate our youth, whose growth may be stifled by dead, wet leaves, and weeds of life. We need to remove them through love and mentoring, and allow them to grow, spread their wings and fly. Of course I wrote a song about my contemplations. Look out for it. I think it will be the next best song. Be good to yourself. Forgive yourself as God has forgiven you. Peace & Blessings, Cee