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Achieving Peace and Blessings: Tips

For many of us, the goal of life isn't ultimate wealth, an accumulation of stuff, or the perfect car. It's peace and blessings, plain and simple. Living a life of peace means living peaceably with each other. This translates into blessings. Do you know someone who seem not to have a care in the world? Some people may be created more blessed than others, with peace monogrammed on their DNA. For others, finding peace isn't always that simple. You weren't blessed that way. But like any monogram, yours can be changed. With God's help you can rewrite your life to include as many of the following tips, and the ultimate goal of peace and blessings can be yours. If you've already achieved complete peace, well done!
1. Surround yourself with others who seem, and affirm themselves to be blessed. If you are around angry, depressed or sad people, it will transfer to you. You can't help it. But if you are around people who are seem peaceful and untroubled, that will also transfer to you. You will also learn their habits, and learn to react the way they do when something bad happens. Slowly weed out the negative influences on your life and replace them with positive ones.
2. Count your blessings. When something bad happens to you, try not to focus on it. Instead, take a minute to count your blessings. Everyone has good things in their lives, whether it is health or loved ones, a good job, or, whatever.
3. Gratitude sessions. Along those lines, it is a good practice to have a daily gratitude session. Think about what you have to be thankful for, and silently thank those who have done something good for you in some way. If you have time, take the time to call them or email them to thank them.
4. Think solutions. Instead of thinking about problems, move to the next step: how to solve it. When someone says to me, "Oh, this is so hard," or "Oh, I can't seem to do this," I just ask them, "Well, what's the solution?" If you develop solution-oriented thinking, you will be much more peaceful. The solution will come. Then you will see your blessings.
5. Connect with others. As much as possible, spend time with those you love, and with others who you enjoy. It could be a simple phone call, or a short visit. Or take a day with the person or people you'd like to spend time with. Have a conversation, do things together, be intimate.
6. Accept things. We are often unaware of it, but we usually want things or people or ourselves to change. And that's a sure way to not have peace, or feel blessed. We cannot control the world. We have to accept things as they are, try to understand them, even love them. Including and most especially ourselves: accept who you are, allow yourself to be yourself, try to understand and love yourself. Then do the same with the others in your life.
7.Get a life. Instead of rushing from one thing to another, resolve to have less to do each day, less appointments and fewer tasks. Then do each thing slowly, with mindfulness and ease, and try to be present in the moment. And truly enjoy whatever it is you do, from talking to eating to walking to just sitting.
8. Notice small things. As with having a life, try to notice when you are blessed; that you are not suffering, or that you are tasting something really delicious, or you feel cozy and warm, you found a parking spot, anything. Noticing the little things will help keep a smile of peace on your face!
9. Treat yourself. Take a few minutes each day to give yourself a little treat, whether it is a bubble bath, or eating ice cream, or curling up with a book, or taking a nap. You deserve it.
10. This, too, shall pass. When bad things happen, and you're having trouble accepting it, think to yourself the same thing the ancients did: "This, too, shall pass." And it will. Then be thankful for the blessings of survival.
11. Volunteer. When you give to others, whether it is money or the things you no longer need, or your time and love, you feel more at peace with yourself. You feel and experience the blessings of your unselfishness. It is true. Take 5 minutes today to call a charity and volunteer to donate some time. It will make a big difference in your life.
12. Follow your passions. If you do what you love to do, especially for a living,you will be filled with peace, blessings will flow, and you will be extremely happy. This is one of the best things you can do. If it seems impossible, don't give up. Others have done it and you can too.
13. Look at your achievements. Instead of looking at what you have not done, or what you have failed at, think about what you have done. Many times that is much more than we realize.
14. Laugh. Just the simple act of laughing can make you feel at peace. Watch a funny movie, tell jokes, read a book, listen to some music lyrics. Go to humor sites on the Internet. And laugh your head off.
15. Get into the flow. Lose yourself in a challenging (but accomplishable) task and forget about the world around you. It leads to peace, and productivity. Set yourself up for it by clearing distractions, giving yourself time, and making it something that you like doing.
16. Have a goal. Too many goals will lead to frustration. Try to choose one goal and really focus on it. And work to accomplish it. Goals lead to peace and blessings if you make progress on them.
17. Get inspired. Take time to read blogs or books or magazine articles about success stories related to what you want to do. It will get you energized.
18. Do what you love. Make room in your life by eliminating some of the commitments you do not really like doing, and replacing them with something you truly love.
19. Show acts of kindness. Each day, try to be kind to others in little ways, opening doors, smiling, giving a compliment.
21. Eat right. Learn the right way to eat to maintain a good weight and nutrition. Go to this site. Eating right leads to great blessings of good health.
22. Exercise. Just a short walk or run could give you peace by lifting your spirits,and reducing stress. Nothing difficult. Just get outside and move.
23. Check out nature. Walk in the snow. Go and watch a sunrise or sunset. Follow the stream. Bathe in the river. Watch the stars, or the clouds. Watch animals. Watch people. Watch children. And be inspired and blessed by it all. A peace that passes all understanding will wash over you.
24. Catch negative thoughts.. Monitor your thoughts. When you catch negative ones, try positive thinking instead.
25. Learn something new. It is strange how many of us are afraid to try new things, or admit we do not know something. But learning new skills or new information is one of the most fun things there is to do. Give it a try. the bible is a big help. As is the simple act of listening to peaceful music. It allows us to think positive, uplifting thoughts that leads to trying new things.
26. Jealousy doesn't help. Many people obscess about others who are blessed, or seem at peace, not worried. That gets you nowhere, fast. Instead, be happy for them. Then focus on yourself, and what you do right. And instead, you can focus on reading books and listening to peaceful music that lifts you up.
27. Celebrate. When you do something right, when you accomplish something, when you feel like it, reward yourself. Celebrate. Have fun, and pat yourself on the back, and know you are blessed. This will give you peace.
Lastly, if we think of each other as an image of ourselves, then it will be easy to give more good than we take. This brings ultimate peace and blessings. Peace & Blessings Cee Josephs