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You can now buy all the songs/albums in mp3, as well as the hard copy. A VERY SECURE SITE!
Giving you more options for purchase of Cee's albums.
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Linden Adventist Church

My church for 30+ years. In this service I sing the meditation [@ 13mins].

4/09/11 -Community Services

Cee sings for meditation

Ready To Walk
Mac or windows, download her song or entire album to your phone or computer, or whatever
Harris Foundation

An outreach program that empowers children in christian principles and education.

Download Cee's songs

<A HREF="">Songs on EMUSIC</A>
Download songs or entire album. Or go to your favorite site
Peace Within Me
Apple iTunes site, but you can go to your favorite site. You may have to look around, though
I'm in most of the digital download retail stores. To name a few: AppleiTunes, BuyMusic, Chondo, Emusic, MP3tunes,MSN Music, Napster, Rhapsody
Online music store where you can purchase mp3 files
If you use windows Media Player, like me, then it's easy to buy my songs from your desktop!

Cee sites

cJG Production

What are we?

cJg ProductionMinistry is a gospel music performance production company,formed to bring back true praise and worship, in honesty, respect, warmth and love; to be inclusive, not exclusive.

Our Vision and Mission

We seek to live together as believers with no borders, no isolation because of language or cultural differences, because we believe God is universal and inclusive.

Our mission is to bring us all together, regardless of cultural or language differences to praise and worship God, and as a result form closer bonds through love and understanding. Thus, we widen the circle as members of the family of God.

We are reaching out to you to help us make as many connections as possible, through attendance at our performances, your prayers, and financial support.

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caribbean gospel radio

Ensound Caribbean Gospel Surf Radio
There is also Ensound radio that plays mainstream gospel
True Grace Promotions

Listen in to great Caribbean gospel.
This is my agency for promotion.

Bible study

Voice of Prophesy
Amazing Facts


This site is the top referral site to my music on CDBaby. I don't know why my name is there as it is a Japanese site. It may be that I sold my music to a group of Japanes pastors years ago while at a convention in Missouri, USA. They were very interested in me and my ministry. I want to thank this site for sending many of you to CDBaby
Litina egungun - multimedia artist
Where art and function are one. Art accessories, performance wear, etc.

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