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So You Just Have to Drink?!


So you just have to drink?!

Claudette (Cee) Josephs, MS, RD

A large study found recently, that increasing fruits and vegetables in the diet lowers the risk of developing diabetes.  However, an increase in fruit juice consumption was associated with increased risk of developing diabetes.

Although fruit juices may have antioxidant activity, they lack fiber, are less satisfying and tend to have high sugar content.

It is not surprising to me, as I see this development over the years of treating clients. Too often I see mothers, on the subway, in church, in the park - feeding their babies from bottles filled with ‘red juice’ or what appears to be apple juice. Is it any wonder that we as adults gravitate to the same (juice thing)? Is it any wonder that diabetes is now an epidemic? Both clients and staff – practitioners alike, seem to feel they must have ‘juice’ or ‘drink’ with their lunch. And it is almost always available.

Yes, for a long time dietitians/nutritionists have recommended fruit or fruit juice, even while we know, and recommend whole fruits over fruit juice, because of the fiber. 

As a vegetarian and health nut, I am always trying to find ways to get the nutrients I need, without eating or drinking a lot.  Here are ways to get your antioxidants, fiber and fluid in one shot.  This could be your ‘drink’ or ‘juice’ if you must have liquid with your meal:

1.    Blend your favorite fruits or vegetables, or both. Put it in your water bottle, or a bottle dedicated for that, and have it at lunch. You can add water to it.  The same amount of fiber and nutrients will still be there.

2.    Wait until dessert to drink. Drinking pure water or unsweetened tea with a sweet (preferably fruit) will go down better than drinking water with savory foods, and eliminate the need for eating additional sugar.

Here’s to your health!                  

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