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Senseless killings rock our community _what I just did

Hi, I just returned from a rally and march spearheaded by the Rev. Al Sharpton's Coalition for Justice, in Times Square, NYC. The march sought to bring attention to the senseless violence plaguing our communities. Several speakers represented, including Spike Lee, and Rev. Daughtry.

 I attended this 'Day of Outrage' because I watch the news and realize that this problem is becoming systemic.  It is all over, in many of the urban communities in America.  Something has to be done.

 Real estate is being fostered, and supported in NYC, while our 'real estate', our children are being killed with guns in the hands of who has no business carrying a gun, or knife.  Some of these problems stem from joblessness, frustration and parental irresponsibility.

After listening to these speakers, including mothers whose sons were killed or wounded, I feel very impressed to be a part of the solution.  What to do now is find out how.

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