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I am in the process of making my 5th CD project.  But I’m experiencing a familiar condition – GERD, which negatively affects my voice.  Because I am concerned with putting out my best project yet, I thought I would take medication, if only for a short time. Before, I have always tried to control it naturally.

But then I came across a paragraph from ‘Ministry of Healing’ by Ellen G. White:

A practice that is laying the foundation of a vast amount of disease and of even more serious evils is the free use of poisonous drugs.  When attacked by disease, many will not take the trouble to search out the cause of their illness.  Their chief anxiety is to rid themselves of pain and inconvenience. ….they resort to paten nostrums, of whose real properties they know little, or they apply to a physician for some remedy to counteract the result of their misdoing, but with no thought of making a change in their unhealthful habits.  If immediate benefit is not realized, another medicine is tried, and then another, thus evil continues”. Pg.43

Reading this was enough to send me back to my vow to begin exercising and drinking enough fluid. I had already started dietary changes, like (eating) very little fat and lighter meals. You see, over the holidays I had, as many of you may have, packed on a few pounds. And I decreased my exercise, and sitting for long periods.  Now as a dietitian I always say not to be too concerned about eating during celebrations. Just get back to your regular way of eating (if it was being done right, of course) as soon as it is over.

Pure air, sunlight, rest, exercise, proper diet, adequate fluid [water, what did I say about sugar!], and my trust in God to keep me healthy (yes, I do pray to Him for this especially).

I am taking my advice. Here’s to the [soon to be] new me! And you!

Claudette [Cee] Josephs

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