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Album:Cee Josephs, Time Out

Time Out

Cee Josephs
Cee Josephs


Notes on the album

'Time Out' - to pray 'Behind the Door' for more 'Faith Hope and Charity'. 'I Do' that, and I'm, 'Talking 'Bout a Child' who knows 'Yes Jesus Loves Me'. I truly want Him to continue to 'Break Me to Use Me' for His glory. So 'What Am I Living For'? to let you know that there is 'Power in the Blood' of Jesus to give you the strength and willingness to live peaceably with all men, doing your part to help the widow, feed the poor and free yourself. 'Have You Any Room' for Him?

Notes on the song

Wait on the Lord be of good courage,
and he will strenthen thine heart: wait I say
on the Lord. Ps. 27:14

This song was written at a very dark time in my
christian experience. I knew enough to know that I
needed to just chill and let God have His way.But I
needed to be reminded.


Time Out
(Spoken) You know, sometimes you just have to
come aside and spend some time with the Lord
Come on everybody
I call a time out
See what the Lord is all about
I call a time out
Find the way He will allow
I call a time out
He'll come through there is no doubt
I call a time out I call a time out
(Repeat chorus)

1. When al I hear is rumbling thunder
When all I fee is the heat of this world on fir
When all I see is fog and lightning
I go to the rock, stay on my knees and pray

2. I heard a word to strengthen my soul
Be of good cheer your salvation is near
I can hear Him say be still and know
thou the vision stay, blessed is he who wait
Wait on the Lord, wait patiently for Him
Wait on the Lord and He will give you everything
(repeat bridge)
Chorus (Repeat)
I call a time out, I call a time (repeat x3)