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Album:Cee Josephs, Time Out

Break Me to Use Me

Cee Josephs
Cee Josephs



But know that the Lord has set apart him that is godly
for himself.....
Though you may be weak and perhaps beaten, yet you are made to have
dominion over your own wonderful nature. In your mind and heart
is such marvelous potential that under God, in His good time you
may be crowned with honor.


Break Me to Use Me
1. Reflecting on my life I can see the pattern
Of the ways and means He works within our lives
My days were blessed, and I grew to learn and earn
I was heading somewhere floating on cloud nine
but the time had come for disppointments indeed
Hurt and pain found me on my knees questioning
Through the clouds and sun burst, now I can see
He breaks me only to use me
He breaks me to use me
First He blesses, raise me up high
He breaks me to use me
Then He takes me through the fire
He breaks me to use me
I will gladly follow in His lead
He breaks me only to use me

2. Jesus took the loaf and He broke and blessed it
Then He gave to us to use as chrished lives
The stories in the Book are there for our example
Of the faithfulness that comes, oh from sacrifice
I don't know much about what tomorrow holds
But I can testify of His amazing grace
So I'll surrender y all because I know
He breaks me only to use me
He wants to use you for His glory
Bring you through so you can tell your story
Your story for His glory
He breaks me only to use me (repeat)